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What is love? With Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s worth grappling with this age-old question. In its truest sense, love isn’t a warm feeling or a tender moment. Love is taking action to help someone who matters to you. “Don’t just tell me you love me,” the saying goes. “Show me.”

On Valentine’s Day, many gay and lesbian couples do take action to show their love for each other—and we often take great pleasure in doing so! Whether we have been together a few months or a few decades, we cook romantic meals, send beautiful flowers, and exchange heartfelt cards to honor our relationships.

Couples who have promised to stay together “til death do us part” should consider going a step further by having “sweetheart wills” prepared. These documents will ensure that if one partner dies, the survivor will be provided for by inheriting the entire estate. The provisions in both partners’ wills would mirror each other, so the outcome would be the same regardless of which one of them died first.

For example, couples without children sometimes decide that when they are both gone, their combined estate should go to their nieces and nephews and a few carefully selected charities. The charities may have an LGBT focus, or they might promote higher education, animal welfare, or the arts.

Being Gay in Trump’s America

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Many of us in the LGBT community were happy to see 2016 come to an end. Last year we felt the shock of the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando. We mourned the deaths of David Bowie, Prince, and George Michael. And we suffered a setback in the march toward equality through the election of Donald Trump.

This last event has left many gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender Americans feeling no more optimistic about the year ahead. The LGBT community hasn’t been the primary target of Mr. Trump’s animus, but Mike Pence, his vice president, is decidedly anti-gay. Their rise to power—and the formation of a Republican administration—has worrying implications for 2017 and beyond.

The Top 10 Reasons You Need a Will

Estate Planning for a Second Home

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A second home can a special place where friendships are renewed and energies restored. It may be the scene of family gatherings that are held summer after summer until they become treasured annual traditions. Whether the property is a condo, cottage, or grand château, its walls may hold some of life’s fondest memories.

It’s natural, then, to want your second home to be enjoyed by the next generation after you are gone. But deciding how to accomplish that goal poses a special estate-planning challenge.

You’ve met the man or woman of your dreams, you’ve fallen in love, and you’ve gotten married. Because same-sex marriage is now legal nationwide, the laws and regulations that apply to married straight couples will apply to you as well. But if you or your spouse is not a U.S. citizen, these rules might not be what you would expect when it comes to receiving gifts or inheriting from each other.