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An estate plan is more than a will. It’s a comprehensive strategy for protecting yourself and those you care about.

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Provide for your children, avoid estate taxes, or help someone with special needs using this versatile planning tool.

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Married gay and lesbian couples now enjoy many legal benefits. Find out which ones may apply to you.

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Estate Administration

Settling an estate can be a daunting task. Learn what’s involved and how a probate attorney can help.

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Featured Article

Sweetheart Wills for Valentine’s Day

By Lee Carpenter

What is love? With Valentine’s Day upon us, it’s worth grappling with this age-old question. In its truest sense, love isn’t a warm feeling or a tender moment. Love is taking action to help someone who matters to you. “Don’t just tell me you love me,” the saying goes. “Show me.”

On Valentine’s Day, many gay and lesbian couples do take action to show their love for each other—and we often take great pleasure in doing so! Whether we have been together a few months or a few decades, we cook romantic meals, send beautiful flowers, and exchange heartfelt cards to honor our relationships.

Couples who have promised to stay together “til death do us part” should consider going a step further by having “sweetheart wills” prepared. These documents will ensure that if one partner dies, the survivor will be provided for by inheriting the entire estate. The provisions in both partners’ wills would mirror each other, so the outcome would be the same regardless of which one of them died first.

For example, couples without children sometimes decide that when they are both gone, their combined estate should go to their nieces and nephews and a few carefully selected charities. The charities may have an LGBT focus, or they might promote higher education, animal welfare, or the arts.

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We have trusted Lee with our estate-planning needs for many years—first as partners and now as a married couple. He’s a great lawyer, and a real pleasure to work with.

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